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Custom Carving Designs and Options:

Klenda Custom Saddlery offers the best in custom leather carving.  Examples of some carving designs and possibilities are shown below.  The pictures presented are for you to generate ideas of how you would like Bob to stamp and or carve your next saddle or gear. 
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Oak leaves and acorns pattern

Meeker is oak-brush country, I carve oak leaves quite simply or as complex as these.

     Custom Carving

Simplicity surrounds this floral carving making this a very pleasing piece to view.

carving detail
corner-flower carving

Carving can be a simple flower and leaf in a corner or as complex as you like.

Give me and idea of your tastes and I will design something especially for you.


Original carving by Bob Klenda

This photo shows only carving, it cuts off the border, the frame, leaving the eye struggling to appreciate the carving's beauty.

More original Bob Klenda Carving

Bob uses attractive surroundings to frame his carving.  This carving is framed with an attractive border making it pleasing for the eye to view.

Sea Shell Stamping

While the photo leaves out the framing of this work it does show the uniqueness of this stamping.
It is a great stamping design for the back of day planners and albums or for special effects.
Carving Detail

This saddle features “The Lily” a flower I designed when making the National Western Saddle”  It lends itself well to especially fine carving. 

This work is framed with a fine but simple border.

Carving Detail

Original flowers and buds of my design, encompassed within the pin-wheel stamp and serpentine border.  The border and stamping serve to showcase the floral carving, contributing to the eye's viewing enjoyment.

Large poppy carving detail

A fine floral carving design utilizing large flowers.  It is nice.  It costs less than the small flowers.

Basket Stamping together with Caswell flower on Rear Housing

The beauty of a crisp basket weave next to the flowing lines of a well executed floral carving makes a strikingly beautiful saddle.

Carving Detail on seat showing the Caswell Flower”

The fine border coupled with the open area serves to showcase this carving.

Special order custom carving

Special order carving can be tailored to the customer's desire.  Bob Klenda's carving is not only uniquely beautiful, but has an artistic appeal that few carvers achieve.

Special order deluxe carving on a set of saddle bags. 

"The Lily” makes this fine design pleasing to the eye.

Custom Deluxe Carving Design

I am here to carve pieces that please you.  These pictures are presented to help you to generate ideas of how you would like Bob to stamp and or carve your next saddle or gear. 

Custom Figure Carving Design

I can work from your photo.

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 Bob Klenda
 Klenda's Custom Saddles
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