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Klenda Custom Saddlery:  Caswell saddleCaswell saddle

Caswell saddle

Weatherly Tree
11" front
14" seat
4 1/2" high cantle, 12 1/2" wide, 1 1/2" dish
Wood post horn, 3 1/2" diameter, 3" high
Gullet 8" high, 6 1/4" wide, 90 degree bar angle
Flat Plate rigging, 7/8 position
Round skirts
Stirrup leathers on the outside of the fender, 3" stirrup leathers,
Blevins buckles
Mule hide wrap on horn
Rawhide binding on fork cover, horn, and cantle
Breast collar Ds,
Hobble carrier Ds, carrier for balling gun
Oregon cross over rope strap

The seat and fenders are rough out, they have been slicked to a beautiful shine.  The remainder of the saddle is floral carved.  The beautifully engraved silver is by Kevin Peebler.  This saddle was not only made to use but to look mighty fine as well. 

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33323 Hwy. 13
P.O. Box 2166
Meeker, Colorado 81641

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